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Let Advantage Carpet Cleaning make your home or place of business look like new. We pride ourselves in what we do and steam cleaning carpets is our specialty. We won’t try to oversell you on anything you don’t need. We are professionals and take pride in the quality work that we do. If you’re looking for a quality, sincere and professional carpet cleaning company in El Paso TX and its surrounding areas, then we are that business you’ve been looking for. Advantage Carpet Cleaning El Paso company is among the few reputable companies you can trust.


Let us restore that old, dirty carpet and help make life easier for you. We offer quality, consistent carpet care with guaranteed customer satisfaction. We have a reputable team that is responsive 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We only have the best in equipment which translates to your carpet looking amazing.

There are many reasons as to why you should choose Advantage Carpet Cleaning in El Paso TX, for all your carpet cleaning needs. One of the many is the use of hot water extraction. We offer a high quality method of injecting hot water and cleaning solutions into your carpet that will eliminate just about any type of issue you might be having. Not to mention that because of our honest and sincere methods, you can be walking on hour carpets within no time.

Your friends and family will think you’ve just installed new carpeting. So go ahead, what are you waiting for? Call us at (915) 351-0196 and receive your 10% discount today!

Which El Paso Carpet Cleaning Company To Choose

Always be sure to take precautionary measure when hiring a professional carpet cleaning company in El Paso. Make sure that they are not just trying to make a quick buck off of you. Here are some suggestions that Advantage Carpet Cleaning offers to you, our friends, when hiring a reputable company in El Paso.

Make sure that before you hire any company, that you have all your questions written down, especially the pricing of the service. With so many unethical companies just wanting to take advantage of hard working consumers, such as yourself, be aware that cheap services are just that cheap. Ask whether the price is based on square footage or rooms. This makes a huge world of difference when the final price is given.

Don’t fall for the old “bait and switch” scheme that most are offering. Many carpet cleaning companies offer a low price then up the price once they are at your place of residence or office. Make sure that they honor the advertised price before you sign any contract.


Discount For Carpet Cleaning

Even before the carpets are cleaned in your El Paso residence or place of business, ask what type of warranty they offer. Any reputable El Paso carpet cleaning company will offer some sort of warranty.

Be Weary Of Whom You Hire

Don’t hire anyone for things you can do yourself. Most people don’t know that there are many stains on their carpets, which they can take care of themselves. using white vinegar and water can usually take care of little stains. However, if you’re not sure of what you’re doing, then contact a carpet cleaning business that can provide more instructions.

With so many different companies located in El Paso TX, that offer carpet cleaning services, Advantage Carpet Cleaning is one of the few that won’t take advantage of you nor your needs. If you should have any questions, or just require a free estimate for your carpet cleaning services in the El Paso TX area, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Plush, regularly cleaned carpet provides a comfortable walking surface. While occasional vacuuming can help keep your floor looking great, you need the services of a professional to maintain that new look, and smell, for a long period of time. At Advantage Carpet Cleaning, we specialize in professionally taking care of all types of carpets, and use equipment and solutions that effectively remove dust mites, fungi, and pollutants, such as pesticides and lead that ordinary vacuums do not remove.

IICRC Certification

We are IICRC certified which means we offer a quality, professional carpet care service. For any company, whether in El Paso or elsewhere, to earn the right to display the IICRC logo, we must meet a rigorous list of standards in expertise and ethics. Read more about IICRC certification for your benefit. After successfully training, technicians must then be assessed to ascertain that indeed they are qualified to be technicians. We have put in place measures to ensure that all our technicians are competent, and hence the services we provide are the best in the market. Consequently, we have been able to satisfy the needs and demands of all our clients in El Paso TX, while at the same time maintaining a sense of motivation and accomplishment, among our employees.

Sophisticated carpet cleaning equipment

The most sophisticated equipment includes a truck-mounted steam system, complete with powerful sprays as well as suction pumps to remove embedded dirt. We are an expert carpet cleaning El Paso company, therefore, we give you peace of mind, knowing that skilled professionals are scrubbing your carpets, utilizing hot steam that effectively eradicate mold and germs.

Advantage Carpet Cleaning Experience

With a vast amount of experience, any El Paso cleaning company knows that effective cleaning serves to protect your valuable investment. Apart from our knowledge on how to best clean the various types of carpets, we have significant experience working with the best solutions and tools available in the market. Advantage Carpet Cleaning has all it takes to give your carpet the best cleaning and care it deserves. We commit ourselves to delivering the best services in El Paso TX.

Tips and Guidelines for Carpet Maintenance

Set your vacuum correctly

Do not set your vacuum too low as this can damage the vacuum’s drive belt and roller brush. Setting it too high, on the other hand, will reduce the efficiency of your work. To achieve its ideal height, set the vacuum to its highest setting before turning it on and lowering it until it is almost tugging forward.

Vacuum your carpet and rugs frequently

For better protection, vacuum high traffic areas, such as entrance sections, once every two days and other areas once every four days. Vacuuming frequently generally reduces dirt build up and keeps your carpets looking nice.

Use the right speed setting

Vacuum the high traffic areas slowly as to eradicate the excess dirt. Low traffic areas can be effectively vacuumed with one quick pass, while high traffic areas might need two slow passes.

Walk off mats

Put walk off mats at the entrance to keep dirt off your carpeting. Use course textured ones outside to remove soil and water absorbent mats inside to avoid stepping the carpet with wet shoes.

Reasons why Advantage Carpet Cleaning stands out from the rest

Fair Pricing

Advantage Carpet Cleaning, in El Paso TX, provides references, an expert in home assessment and a written estimate. We are honest and fair and will always be upfront about our service and pricing. We consider the type of carpet, as well as condition of your mat, when giving out our estimates. Most importantly, we provide a guarantee of the quality, and hence satisfaction, of our work.

We desire to establish long term relationships.

Unlike other carpet cleaning service providers in El Paso TX, we always seek to establish strong long term relationships with our esteemed clients. We provide, free of charge, most of the services our competitors charge you for, such as add-ons that include deodorizers and spot removals. We do not simply spray soap and water on your carpet and then leave your premise within a half an hour. We take our time to do a good job so as to establish a strong relationship.

Free advice for your carpet care

Apart from thoroughly working on your carpet and rug, which includes pretreating stains, we tell you the duration of time you should wait before it is safe to walk on them, which often varies from one to two hours. We also advise you what to do should the stains reappear.

To improve your home’s indoor air quality, and appearance, institute certified professional cleaners recommend engaging the services of professionals to deep clean your carpet at least once a year, depending on traffic. Advantage Carpet Cleaning, in El Paso TX, can do a better job in sensitizing your floors better than consumer products can, on your own. Get in touch with us today for a carpet cleaning service of a lifetime.