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See why everyone is using Advantage Carpet Cleaning

See why everyone is using Advantage Carpet Cleaning

Get your carpets steamed clean at an affordable price

Get your carpets steamed clean at an affordable price

Advantage Carpet Cleaning...We Care!

Advantage Carpet Cleaning...We Care!

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Special Coupon Rates available...Just Sign Up!

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Carpet Cleaning

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Water Removal

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Air Duct Cleaning


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At Advantage Carpet Cleaning you can rest assure that we will do a professional carpet cleaning for your home or office. We will also make sure to leave your home or office like new, after a water extraction and removal. We take pride in our services and treat you like family. Having done business in the El Paso TX area for over 8 years now, we expect nothing but the best for our customers. Contact us today and we will even give you a 10% discount just by mentioning you saw our website.

Advantage Carpet Cleaning, located in El Paso TX, is a prominent company that offers many types of services which include, carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning. We are a full service company committed to doing a thorough and safe job for all our customers in and around El Paso TX. Regardless of the magnitude of your cleaning problem, or whether your establishment is residential or commercial; count on us to do the job right the first time. With a competent team of technicians, as well as perfect expertise, we are able to give you a comprehensive and high tech carpet cleaning service.

An unparalleled reputation with Advantage Carpet Cleaning

Besides creating an unsurpassed reputation as one of the leading service providers, in El Paso TX, we are well known for our high quality cleaning methods. We have established a solid reputation for top quality workmanship, excellence and reliability. Among the many services we provide are;

  • Carpet and rug cleaning
  • Spot and stain removal
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Emergency water extraction and removal
  • Air duct cleaning

Rug cleaning

We use the market’s most advanced equipment, such as truck mounted machines that remove stubborn stains, thereby reviving your carpet’s appearance and feel. We also provide additional services that include deodorizing, protective coatings and repairs.

Spot and stain removal

Though spot and stain removal is offered as a free service when your rug is cleaned by our technicians, in a situation where you solely need the service, our trained technicians are ready to offer just that.

Upholstery cleaning

Our specialized certified and experienced upholstery cleaners have sufficient skills in several items that are difficult to clean, including suede, leather and velvet. Like in the other services we provide, we additionally provide deodorizer services as well as stain resistant protective coating.

Emergency water extraction and removal

Are you in need of restoration or emergency services? Get in touch with Advantage Carpet Cleaning service providers immediately. We are available round the clock, and provide affordable emergency services to your satisfaction. We are experts and water removal and extraction.

Air Duct Cleaning

We will thoroughly inspect your home’s air duct system. We will then inform you of the type of cleaning you will need, and also the cost involved in providing this service. Be assured that our trained technicians will provide a professionally done service to your satisfaction.

How to clean on your own

Any el paso carpet cleaning company will suggest to frequently vacuum your rugs and carpet in order to lengthen its life. Buildup of rough particles will eventually cut its fibers. Use your crevice equipment for areas around radiators and baseboards, and other hard to reach sections. Vacuum pass high traffic regions slowly because such areas have dirt deeply embedded in them. Repeat the whole process a number of times for each and every section, particularly working slowly in high traffic areas, to allow the suction enough time to remove all the deeply embedded dirt and dust.

Vacuum areas where persons move their feet, and or sit, with crisscross patterns of overlapping strokes. Be sure to follow manufacturers’ advice on how to best vacuum your carpet. Add baking powder to the bag inside your vacuum to eradicate odors. While odors are easy to eliminate, spills and spots are a little bit difficult to remove, hence need more effort to get rid of. Follow the manufacturer’s manual, or you can give Advantage Carpet Cleaning El Paso TX a call, and we will gladly assist.

Benefits of Vacuuming

Dust accumulation in area rugs can negatively affect your family members, especially those who are suffering from conditions affecting their breathing systems, for instance asthma. Such persons are allergic to dusts, and other pollutants, and hence, by regularly and correctly tidying your carpet and rugs, you will be able to significantly reduce frequencies of their asthma attacks.


Wherever you are in or around El Paso TX, we take it upon ourselves to give your carpet service as a priority. With our detailed cleaning, rest assured that we will handle your tasks to your utmost satisfaction. In the event that any stubborn stain resurfaces, our technicians will decisively deal with it, at no extra charge. This is a rare assurance that is hardly found anywhere else in El Paso TX.

We have many years of experience, and as a result, are among the most experienced and trustworthy Carpet Cleaning El Paso TX service providers. Trust us to be your ideal carpet cleaning provider as we offer high quality and reliable service. With our great attention to details, we are able to give you peace of mind knowing that your job is in the right hands.